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Want to Prevent Hormone Related Fat Retention?

Ladies, do you believe you should push your limits every workout to get results? 💪🏼🔄

One of my favorite things about working with @naturalcycles is a new understanding of my hormones all month 📆 and of how not honoring them can result in fat storage + additional stress 😩

Example A... I m used to believe in an intense workout Monday-Friday. HIIT, intense strength, cardio. I never understood how this style of training is NOT beneficial at certain times of the month for my body! 🥴

In the luteal phase (the 2 weeks post ovulation till your period) your body craves lower impact exercise such as pilates, yoga, or low intensity strength training.

This is because the hormone ESTROGEN decreases + PROGESTERONE increases... which may be making you feel more sleepy, hungry, or emotional 😴

By supporting your body with what it needs, you are more likely to reach your fitness goals overall, decrease PMS symptoms, lower cortisol levels (aka the stress hormone), balance blood sugar levels, + just FEEL BETTER! 💯

There’s so much more to it but I am LOVING what I’m learning. Click here or the link in my bio to get a FREE thermometer + 20% off your Natural Cycles subscription. ❤️🌡

*users must be 18+ *does not protect against STIs


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