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Ahoy, It's a Boy! Baby Shower

Gosh, I can't believe April is already over. Between family events, birthdays, Greg going on a bachelor trip, Easter, and my baby shower... I think I need to spend most of May catching up on sleep. I fully intended to get a blog post up of my INCREDIBLE baby shower sooner... but here it is!

I need to start by thanking my amazing mom, my bestie Veronica, and Greg's mom for all of the tremendous planning they did to make this day possible. It was truly perfect! From the decor to the food to the sweets to the guests... I wouldn't change a thing.

Pretty much everything was a surprise. I conned my mom into telling me the weekend it was (which she wasn't going to do!!!) because I wanted to look pretty! I didn't have any details on the location, time, or theme. I am so beyond Type A so I am honestly happy in hindsight that they let me be surprised.

Anyone who knows Greg and I knows that we LOVE the beach, boating, and just being near the water. So...we knew we wanted a coastal/beachy themed nursery for Baby B. My party planners took this into consideration to plan an "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" baby shower! Seriously so up my alley. I don't have details or links for most of the decor items because again, it was a surprise... but hopefully these ideas are helpful if you choose to plan around this theme! Lots is available on Amazon and Etsy! One of my sweet friends helped out with the shower invites which was so generous and sweet! Look how cute these are...

Ahoy! It's a Boy! Invitation

She also made this adorable sign! I always see these at showers and really was hoping I would have one... I was so excited to walk up and see this!

For starters... the location was everything. We had my shower at The Chesapeake Inn which has always been one of my favorite places since I moved up north. Fun fact: it was also the very first place I met Greg!

The tables were all decorated with this beautiful netting and ocean themed centerpiece! Seriously the vibe was perfect.

Now... look at this balloon arch! Plus all of these generous gifts... seriously, so thankful for all of our friends and family. It's not lost on us how lucky we are and how loved baby already is!

My amazing baker of a mom made these ADORABLE (and delish...) Rice Krispie Treats! Look how cute they are... and the theme sprinkles! I am so obsessed! The adorable cookies are from our family friend (who also made the gender reveal cookies) at Moon & Bay Cookie Co. They are always so, so cute! People were piling them into their purses to take home... so they're also yummy!

Our cake is again from Queen R Bakes (used to be Rosa's Cupcakery) in Oxford, PA! She does the best job and can create your dream cake! I was so happy with the simplicity and elegance of this cake!

My bestie had the idea to get this adorable anchor sign as a guestbook and it was my FAVORITE! It matches our nursery theme so I can't wait to hang it there. We also had these cute soap favors... they smelled amazing! I just love the details.

It was such an amazing day filled with so much love for our baby boy. I am so thankful to each person who played a part in planning this day. Also, to each person who put in the time to come to be a part and shower our little family with love. I couldn't be happier with how the day went.

Cutest gifts! I hated opening gifts in front of everyone at first... I had to recruit Greg!

My bestie made us a scrapbook for baby with letters from my mom, grandma, and Greg, Priceless!

My dress is linked here on my LTK with a few other baby shower dresses! It was so comfy and flattering on the bump... and comes in a few other colors, too!

A few of the photos from the day...

You can find more pics on my Instagram here, but clearly it was a perfect celebration! Thank you for reading!


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