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He or She? A Holiday Themed Gender Reveal

Finding out we were pregnant right before the holidays was 'the best gift ever' as they say... but when it came time to plan a gender reveal, I was not super excited to have to plan one in December. Between holiday parties, coordinating between 200 family traditions, the hustle of gift shopping, and the list goes on... it seemed pretty daunting to have to plan and coordinate an entire gender reveal. Besides that, my house was already decorated so I had no clue how I'd find the energy (or time) to re-decorate in the traditional blue or pink decor. That's when I took to Pinterest and found that sooo many people actually have holiday themed gender reveals.

There was no blue or pink, but red and green. It was perfect for the time of year, and I wouldn't have to redecorate! People are used to Greg having a huge annual Christmas party anyways, but definitely not THIS kind of party. I decided we would run with it because he refused to find out the gender just the two of us, and if we didn't plan soon we would be pushing into late January while the test results were just sitting in my email and in our mailbox.

Here are some of the products I ordered. I pretty much got everything specialty on Etsy, and then I found my ideas for our beautiful cake and adorable cookies on Pinterest. The rest of the items came from The Christmas Tree Shops.

For starters... I found the most precious invitations on Etsy! You pay and then customize your invitation, then you can do an e-vite or download and print. My sweet friend is so creative and was able to make the most perfect invitations for us!

I knew I wanted to grab some custom napkins once I saw them... so I started my search for custom gender reveal napkins. Seriously, HOW PERFECT ARE THESE? This is the shop I ordered from, and they have lots of other custom napkins to choose from! They were so cute I didn't even want anyone to use them! Ha. My mom made sure to snag some so that I can save as a keepsake for baby! I also stole the 'nuts or no nuts' idea from Pinterest. I just made my own on Canva and printed them vs ordering those. Then I grabbed holiday peanut and regular M&Ms to complete!

Our gingerbread house cake was just incredible. If you're local to Oxford, PA then check out Rosa's Cupcakery. Everyone said it tasted just as good as it looked! It served nearly 40+ people and her prices were incredibly fair for the amount of quality in her designs. From the beginning she was a pleasure to work with! i couldn't recommend more. I am just in LOVE with how this turned out!

What's a cake without cookies? When things fell through with our first cookie baker, my mom reached out to her childhood friend who is also local to Pennsylvania/Maryland for help. On literally a DAY of notice... she graciously made the most adorable cookies I could have dreamed up. I was in shock when my mom brought these over! HOW PERFECT! Can you believe she just started her business in the last few months?! Crazy talent. Contact Moon and Bay Cookie Co for all of your cookie needs!

A few other details... I ordered this red and green He or She cake topper from Etsy as well. The shop owner was sweet enough to take my request to change up a few of the colors on the design. I really wanted gold to match our decor and she did it perfectly!

I wanted something for people to cast their votes on whether they were Team Boy or Team Girl, like me, and found this cute thumb print Christmas tree! You get to choose your fonts, colors, and add your last name if you'd like! I grabbed some stamp pads from Michael's and it was perfect.

Lastly, I ordered these adorable banners which I didn't realize I FORGOT TO PUT OUT until writing this. What a mom fail... probably not the first one! Ha! Here are some photos from Etsy...

Here is the link for the Baby, It's Cold Outside Banner... and here is the link for the red and green He or She Banner. The Baby, It's Cold Outside Banner can be reused which is great! If anyone knows someone expecting in 2022 or 2023... email me for the other banner! Not even kidding.

Overall, the decor and details of the party were perfect thanks to so many amazing vendors and creative shop owners! I am so thankful for each and every product and service that made our day a success. I am thankful for so many opportunities to shop small this season.

We decided (Greg decided because this was the one thing I put him in charge of) to do fireworks for our big reveal! Needless to say, I was completely shocked when I saw BLUE and not pink! I'll link the video because it was a moment I never want to forget. We are so blessed that so many loved ones came out to celebrate us, our baby boy, and spend some time celebrating with us this holiday season.

Linking my outfit here! The dress was from Amazon and worked perfect for my growing belly! I got so many compliments on the outfit. The boots were tough, not going to lie. At least they looked good!

Hope this post helps someone plan a super cute holiday gender reveal!




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