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Surprise! I'm Pregnant!

It's been a long couple of months since I've written a blog post, but for good reason! In late September after several days of feeling exhausted, like I was experiencing PMS on steroids, & waiting for Aunt Flow to arrive... I decided to venture out to Walgreens for the heck of it to buy a pregnancy test. In all seriousness, I thought if I saw the negative test, my anxiety would diminish and my cycle would continue as expected...

Wrong! A few tests & several minutes of double-checking the directions to make sure I was reading correctly later... I found out I was pregnant. Here are the tests to prove it:

My positive pregnancy tests!
My three positive tests!

I called my two best friends first, because I couldn't handle the news alone! I had a few hours before Greg got home from work so I wanted to find a cute way to tell him vs. just coming right out with it. I ended up going to Target to grab a funny card (it's TMI in case my parents read this) and taping the tests inside. I also grabbed some cute bandanas for the dogs that say 'Big Brother' and 'Big Sister' which I can link here!

Greg was really surprised, and asked me if I was joking. After he realized I was serious because my hormones had me cue in the waterworks... he was happy! Excited, surprised, and nervous were how I would describe his reaction. He will never admit to being nervous, though! Ever. I just have to mention that after the fact, he asked if he could still go hunt as planned that night. Typical Greg so he wasn't too worried.

After that, things started to get more reel. It was all fun and games until the DAY I was 6 weeks. Hello, morning sickness! Well, it's actually ALL DAY sickness. I was dealing with intense nausea, and some vomiting, from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I tried Preggie Pops which most people have great results with. In the short term, it seemed to help. However, I was still so sick. I am now past week 14, and still dealing with nausea here and there. My best friend gifted me these bands and I don't know if it was that, or the Reglan prescription... but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Combining all the above, and eating foods I know don't make me sick (rice, fries, etc) seems to help! So if you're sick, eat lots of carbs. That is the nest advice. Also, SLEEP a ton! Sleeping helps regulate nausea in my experience. Besides that, you just have to try to take it day by day to survive. This too shall pass!

I made this reel of the moment I saw my test... if you need to see the FULL reaction. Overall, everyone was so excited and happy for us. We have been so supported and loved by our support system, I am so thankful.

I can't wait to share more in my next post about our gender reveal party, products we loved, and gifts we have received so far!

Thank you for your love and support!




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