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Allie S.

“I started with a 21 day program back in October. I lost 9 pounds and was hooked on my superfood shakes. Since then I’ve completed two different fitness programs, started coaching girls myself, and have lost a total of 24 pounds!”


Ariel A.

“Being a part of this program not only changed me physically, but also mentally and spiritually. This experience changed my mindset, and the virtual boot camps made me be held accountable. It also gave me a platform to meet some amazing people that became the best support system in my journey.”


Kristina B.

"It was great to finally have accountability. The groups gave me motivation and pushed me to not give up on myself because I could see the other girls killing it too. The one on one coaching was even more of a motivator, Alaina is a no BS chick and I needed that. She is always super sweet but very honest and didn’t hesitate to celebrate every little success with me.


Life wise, I was a full time student, part time intern & full time employee. So super busy & improving my health was needed for my peace of mind so mental health warrior fits in too."


Caroline B.

“Honestly, I was skeptical when I first started my journey. I started with a 21 day boot camp and saw some results and was really happy and then decided to keep going with a longer boot camp. I legit got in the best shape I had been in years, and lost 25 pounds and was so happy and confident! Without the accountability of the groups, I would have been inclined to skip workouts on days that were “too busy”, but because of them I got it done every day because everyone else was!”


Jasmine M.

“My experience with Alaina’s virtual boot camp was truly a blessing to my life. The programs/workouts changed everything for me. I saw inches fall off my body as time passed. The nutrition was truly something I thought I would struggle with but with the help from the groups that Alaina ran, I was successful. I had a lot of help from tips about meal prep, words of encouragement, and accountability. It was truly one of my favorite experiences.”


Devyn C.

“I learned that you have to be stronger than your excuses! I lost 16 inches & 9 pounds through these boot camps. Joining Alaina’s group was the best, most life-changing decision I ever made.”


Leiann K.

“Throughout my experience I’ve seen a transformation not only in my physical appearance but also my mindset. It helped me gain confidence in myself- not only physically but mentally as well. Forever grateful that I said one simple “yes”.


Sierra R.

“This photo is more than just a transformation. The confidence I have built in myself is unreal + i have truly fallen in love with doing what is good and healthy for my body. Of course, I still get to eat the things i love but I also get to try new things (who knew I’d love carrots and sweet peppers as a snack). I was so unhappy for the longest time and within my first month of this boot camp, I already felt so much better. Of course having the best coach was just an added bonus of making this journey so much fun, shoutout to Alaina. I also love sharing my journey with others because if my SUPER busy self can lose 50 pounds in a year from working out at home- anyone can! I don’t have kids or a super crazy job but have you ever been to nursing school + still tried to live a normal social life? I love the community these programs have brought me and all of the people I have met along the way. One year is officially down but I still have the rest of my life to be happy and healthy, why stop now?”

Boot Camp Babe Testimonials

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