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4D Ultrasound Experience - Expecting Miracles

I am so thankful for our amazing experience at Expecting Miracles in Newark, Delaware. We were able to see our sweet baby in 4D, get a Heartbeat Bear with our baby's heartbeat, and take home so many amazing shots! The owner, Adrienne, was absolutely incredible. The entire appointment felt that it was catered to us!

C0v!d has made it difficult for some dads to be, and other family members, to attend appointments! Luckily, if you are in the DE, PA, or MD area... you can visit Expecting Miracles for your elective ultrasound needs!

From the moment you walk into the studio, the entire ambience is amazing. It is so bright, airy, and HAPPY! You can even browse some of the Heartbeat Bear selection! During your scan, the sonographer will record baby's heartbeat, then input the audio into a stuffed animal of your choice. We chose an octopus to match our nursery theme! It is priceless!

After checking in quickly, the two forms needed are completed online before your appointment, you make your way back to the scan room! It is a beautiful and relaxing set up, with a huge screen for those accompanying you to see baby! Our little guy was so stubborn and camera shy, as usual, but Adrienne is so patient and talented! She got amazing shots. Here is a video of some of our scan!

I had some sugar before the appointment, as the pre-appointment instructions stated, but he was still stubborn with his hands in his face! I used to sleep exactly like this, and still sleep on my arms, so it was so adorable to see! I was so grateful Adrienne took her time with the scan and was determined to get us these perfect shots! She has been in the industry for so many years, that we felt so comfortable in her hands.

She made us feel so special and she is so personable during the appointment! You know those awkward scans you may have at your doctor's office? Not here! Even Greg, who is very shy around new people lol, enjoyed our time there!

We got to take some photos home from the appointment, and I was so happy we did! I will share some package options below so you can see the various options for seeing your baby. When you decide to book, you can do so on her website which is so user-friendly. She is very flexible with dates and appointment times!

See! How perfect are these! Below are the package options...

Certain packages are recommended later in pregnancy, but you can go as early as 8-10 weeks! It is more than worth it for the priceless photos and memories. I will link her Instagram page here, so you can stay up to date with latest offers and updates!

I truly love this local business and our experience there. If you are local to the DE, PA, or MD area... check out Expecting Miracles for your elective ultrasound and 4D photography needs!

*Photos are by Julie Turner Photography, an amazing photographer in the DE area! We are so grateful to these amazing women for this special day!


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