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Get Serious About Personal Safety

If you're anything like me then you're always out, about, + on the go! Whether I'm running with the dogs, grabbings groceries at the store, stopping by the mall, or heading out for a weekend getaway... it's empowering to feel prepared with personal safety products.

SABRE @sabresafety offers a wide range of pepper sprays and other self defense products.

The Mighty Discreet lives on my key ring. It is perfect for going out, fits right in a small clutch, and is 40% smaller than traditional pepper spray. SABRE SMART Pepper Spray is perfect for solo runs with the pups. It pairs free with the SABRE app via Bluetooth + alerts your selected contacts when deployed and pinpoints your location with real-time geotracking. (No monthly fee or subscription required) When paired with a noonlight subscription, it can also alert law enforcement to come to your location if needed!

No matter where life takes you... go confidently. Check out @sabresafety today!


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