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Hormonal Hair Loss? You Need Halo Hair Extensions

Maybe you can relate to this, and if you're lucky then maybe not. My hair has become so thin the last few years! After my 3 years in Beachbody, I became very thin. Too thin... at my lowest I was weighing in at about 116 pounds! Not only was an issue noticeable through my weight for my height, but my hormones were so badly affected that I no longer had my cycle regularly... or at all. This lasted about 1.5-2 years. Combining this weight loss and fat loss with the constant balayage hairstyle I was dying my hair to achieve, it all just thinned out.

Here are a few pictures of my hair a few years ago... I was known to have long, thick brown hair!

The picture on the far right was my first "real" balayage appointment! It was still pretty thick. Below are a few pictures of my hair in the following 2 years...

As I got thinner... so did my hair! These photos also show how DRY my hair was. This could be due to products I was using, but my unhealthy hormones definitely didn't help.

And finally, here we are in the last 1-2 years... I ordered some Amazon extensions and I pretty much always wear them to nice events so it was hard to find any dressy recent photos without them.

Anyways... obviously very dry and not cute. I ordered the Amazon extensions and I did love them at first. However, after curling them for months they started to look just as dry (if not drier) than my hair used to. I knew I either needed to continue ordering those, or invest in some extensions I wouldn't need to constantly replace.

Cue Hidden Crown Halo Hair appearing on my timeline! Y'all... when I saw their Instagram and the amount of celebrities that use their products, I knew I had to have them!

They have several different versions of the halo. They can even color match you virtually with the help of their color specialists! I went with 22 inch, Layers Balayage B2/6-8 under the Halo tab which work perfectly with my hair.

As you can see below... these take my hair from 0 to 100 in the best way! I feel 100x more confident when I have my Hidden Crown on.

I have gotten so many compliments on them every time I wear them. I thought they were too long or dramatic at first, but after getting used to the change... I am OBSESSED!

I have included my link here so you can get the best deal possible! Thank you for reading & for using my shared links for brands, because they make a huge difference in my business!

Here are a few more pictures with the extensions in. Let me know if you decide to check them out, or order some of your own!



**in no way is any of this medical advice or commentary, or bad reviews towards Beachbody. THIS IS SIMPLY MY OWN EXPERIENCE! xo


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