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Low Calorie Drinks + Drinking on a Diet

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Alcohol is a sticky subject when it comes to weight loss, healthy diets, and a balanced lifestyle. Spending the last 4 years in a college town (with little to do on the weekends besides the bars...thanks, Milly) definitely gave me the opportunity to see both sides of the spectrum. There were times I was drinking too much in general (plus definitely adding too much sugar to my diet) and there were times I restricted myself too much because of my goals. Both extremes are UNHEALTHY and UNNECESSARY because there is a way to reach your goals while enjoying a few drinks along the way.

It's been said that drinking presses pause on your metabolism + specifically slows/stops the burning of fat on your tummy area (I am not citing sources on this blog so Google it.. #professional). In addition to that, if you’re going for super sugary or carb heavy drinks regularly... you’re likely going to “gain weight” (which I hate saying because weight is not a good measure of progress) and reach your goals much slower. To combat this, it’s important to know which drinks are best to stick with in the pursuit of the body/lifestyle you're striving for.

For starters, if it tastes like candy... it’s probably NOT the drink you should be having. Those blue fishbowl drinks? Nope. Vodka cranberry? Not that either. Tequila sunrise? Not the best. All of the drinks that are heavy on juices are even heavier on sugar. Combine those calories with the empty calories of alcohol itself (empty calories: calories with no nutritional value) and you are easily adding 300 calories to your day with ONE drink. So for starters... avoid juices, liqueurs, and sugary bottled mixes. One whiskey coke or one vodka cranberry won’t be the end of the world, but make sure you’re considering the sugars you’re drinking.

I don’t typically drink liquor or make mixed drinks at home, but when I did: plain vodka, or flavored vodka, with some sort of diet soda or those “Ice” drinks were my go-to. Diet drinks are not healthy, but this is a post about alcohol... which is not healthy either. No judgement here! So if you're trying to find a mixer then go for a diet soda or juice when ordering in a bar. Vodka, water, lime is so gross to me. Girls, stop playing..... it just doesn't taste good. I order vodka, club soda, + orange slices (sometimes a splash of OJ) because it tastes AMAZING + reminds me of my favorite drink from Maryland (the Orange Crush). Diet ginger beer is amazing for an at-home mule, too. I'm pretty sure White Claws were invented for me so those are a go-to. Any of the newer brands of spiked seltzer waters are great to drink when you're keeping calories in mind.

Jesus turned water to wine, but that doesn’t mean all wine was created equally. Before getting started with health and wellness, I was a pink moscato girl. Even typing that makes my stomach hurt. I wanted the sugary wine only. Oh, how things have changed. Now I stick to dry wines (white only because I cannot swallow red) and I love the taste even more. I choose Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay, mostly. Wine is still sugary even when it is dry, but a couple glasses of a drier white won’t have me nearly as nauseous the next day. I also love champagne. I prefer dry champagne now as my tastes have changed. Once you start consuming less sugar you actually start craving it LESS! Try it.

Margarita nights are my love language. I LOVE a good marg. Sadly, skinny margs at restaurants are usually $10 extra. Not kidding. So I order a regular marg, but I ask for extra lime juice and less mix...and also less triple sec to spare some sugar. When I’m having a marg night with my girls, we always get the Jose Cuervo Light Mix. It tastes AMAZING + contains less than half of the sugars in the regular mix...which is amazing because who really has just ONE marg at marg night? Not me. So I'll spare the sugar where I can.

I am allergic to gluten so I don't have any type of personal preference on which beers are best. I do know that beers are typically high calorie and high in carbohydrates. I know from my friends.

No matter what you're drinking, it is SO important to stay hydrated. Water, water, water in between drinks will save your life the next day. I also drink Biolyte like it's my job. It's basically a healthier version of Gatorade. The day after drinking, my superfood shakes save my life. They replenish so many of the nutrients lost + also help my stomach not feel a wreck because of the pre/probiotics. These are included in my boot camp for a discounted price but the link for the shakes only is also on my website. I 10/10 recommend!

So... you can totally enjoy yourself + have a few drinks while reaching whatever goals you have set for yourself. Depriving yourself is no way to get where you want to go- ever. That isn't to say "drink 7 nights a week," but a couple of drinks in moderation or a night out with your friends SHOULD happen if that's what you enjoy. Be safe + enjoy!!! Cheers!


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