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Board and Batten Accent Wall Before and After

If you've been following my stories over on Instagram then you know that we have been busy the past few weeks with renovating and redecorating our bedrooms. My boyfriend, Greg, has graciously let me take over decorating this bachelor pad of his. The downstairs and living areas were already beautiful, and had the farmhouse vibes I love. The upstairs was so bachelor paddy from day one, so I was very excited when he said he wanted to redecorate!

For starters, this is what we were working with (minus a huge poster that was already taken down of some girl's red lips smoking a money-rolled-up cigarette thing #sheesh).

So not horrible by any means. Greg is super artistic and great at designing. I'm just not a fan of red, black, and white because being from GA it feels like I'm in a UGA frat house. Only partly kidding.

I didn't have an exact idea of a color scheme, or even a design, but he had mentioned a board and batten wall months ago. I had no idea what those were at first, but I fell in love with the idea when I looked them up. I feel like accent walls with just paint feel tacky to me, or childlike. Throw some wood on there, and it changes my whole perception.

We decided a board and batten wall would work, but spent a good bit of time (and trips to Sherwin Williams) to decide on a color. We started with Meditative, which is a blu-ish gray color, then somehow ended up at Light French Gray. It took several days to decide, and the dogs were tired of sitting with me while I debated.

Two very different colors, but ultimately it worked out perfectly. It took him one day to get the wall done #contractorwin and it turned out better than I imagined!

I did at least help by holding the wood while he cut it, refilling his Green Tea, and tending to the pups. I'm good for somethin' around here. A few hours later he had the wood up, then painted while I had a family party. I came home to a whole new room!

Here's the before and after of the board and batten accent wall!

If you're needing an accent wall, I totally recommend looking into adding some texture with a board and batten wall! Hopefully your man is as handy as mine, and if not I doubt it would cost a fortune to get one made. Heck, I saw plenty of tutorials on how to make one yourself as a beginner when I was looking for pictures. I think the hardest part would be picking a design (vertical, squares, horizontal lines, etc), picking a paint color, and measuring the wood distance accurately.

Our local Sherwin Williams was so helpful with explaining the differences in paint colors, and how the amount of natural light would affect the results. We snagged a few whites and creams to sample on the other walls and weren't always happy with how they looked once up on the wall. With that said, I definitely recommend taking time in the process to sample some colors, build some mood boards on your phone, and be sure you're designing something you will love!

I'll make a new blog post with some of my favorite farmhouse home decor finds that I'm using for the bedroom, and for the two new guest rooms. You can also follow along here where I'm sharing the journey on my stories in real time!

Thanks for reading & being a part of my community.

You are so loved.




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